What Does Carbon Negative Mean?

There are so many buzzwords when it comes to being eco-friendly and good for the planet. One that is often mentioned is 'carbon negative'. But what does this mean?

To be carbon negative, you must simply take out more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than you put in. We are proud to be the world’s first and only carbon negative toilet paper. This means that every time you buy Bazoo, you are actually taking carbon out of the atmosphere. We explore the concept of carbon negative in more detail below.

Carbon negative vs carbon neutral

Both approaches start by reducing carbon emissions through lifestyle changes, with the remaining carbon being balanced out by the removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, through carbon offsetting schemes.

Carbon neutral

To be carbon neutral means that your carbon emissions, the carbon emitted by your day-to-day operations, such as manufacturing, travelling and so on - are effectively cancelled out. If the amount of carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere is the same as the amount of carbon dioxide you remove from the atmosphere then you would be carbon neutral. Any person or entity can be carbon neutral -- entire governments, companies or individuals.

Carbon negative

To be carbon negative goes one step further than carbon neutrality, aiming to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than you emit, through offsetting schemes.

Why more businesses should be carbon negative…                                                                                           

Stand out

By differentiating yourself in the market as a sustainably focused brand.

Reduce cost

By changing behaviour on high emission activities like energy use and business travel.

Engage stakeholders

By demonstrating to investors that you are measuring, disclosing and managing climate risk.

Mitigate risks

By reducing the chance of possible future regulation that taxes carbon consumption.

Why did we become carbon negative?

Well, why not! We knew we wanted to have a sustainable business, and we weren’t entirely sure in the beginning what that looked like. But, the more we researched carbon emissions and the logistics of calculating our emissions, we knew we had to go the extra step of outweighing our emissions.

It was important for us to launch as carbon negative and offset 200% of our emissions and we were inspired by other carbon negative companies - you can read about who inspired us here.

How did we become carbon negative?

Lots of calculations...with lots of help from ClimateCare, we managed to calculate our total emissions released at every step of the Bazoo journey (from growing the bamboo and manufacturing it, to the moment it’s delivered to your door). ClimateCare helped us calculate our total emissions across the whole business and then offset these emissions sustainably by 200% to achieve a carbon negative status. If you want to know more about exactly how we offset 200% of our emissions, head to our website.


You can make a small change to your toilet paper purchasing habits today and be part of an impactful change to reduce your carbon. Check out our rolls to make a positive change for you and the environment.

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