Carbon Negative Companies that Inspired Us

Carbon Negative Companies that Inspired Us

We wanted to put together a list of carbon negative companies that inspired us and that we believe deserve some recognition!

8 carbon negative companies that inspired Bazoo

Carbon negative brands

We don’t think it would be fair to launch Bazoo without giving the appropriate recognition to those companies who we took inspiration from when deciding to launch as carbon negative and offset 200% of our emissions. This list below is by no means exhaustive of great brands doing great things, but these particular carbon negative companies stuck out to us and they deserve some recognition!

  1. Better Nature

Better Nature’s delicious lip-smacking vegan recipes inspired by the exotic Indonesian tempeh are not to be missed for plant-based eaters or those wanting to try something new. They put kindness and animals first so what’s not to love? “Less carbon, more tempeh” – we want that on a t-shirt…as well as their cute animations!

  1. Dame

Their unapologetic expressionism about female empowerment, periods and, of course carbon emissions is incredible. Dame’s company missions are sustainability, accessibility and acceptability; on a mission to change the conversations around periods in the 21st century for all genders, creeds and races. Dame offset 200% of their carbon emissions – also happily placing themselves in the carbon negative category. We also love their period footprint calculator! 

  1. Brewdog

Their investors are called punks and they are the world’s only carbon negative brewery and beer. The company and team offset 200% of their emissions – declaring them very much carbon negative. Brewdog also have 9,308 acres of their own Brewdog Forest which they use to plant and offset their carbon. They supply all their electricity from wind powered energy, and upcycle their waste to be used as fertilizer and animal feed. They’ve really taken the big picture into consideration!

  1. Jude’s Ice Cream

Jude’s Ice Cream is the first ever carbon negative ice cream and desserts company – congratulations! A family-owned business from Winchester, dedicated to making a difference and constantly working to reduce their carbon emissions by looking at long term sustainability implications. Not to mention how great the name Chow is for the flavour-creating man! 

  1. Two Drifters Distillery

The world’s first rum distillery to be carbon negative – another incredible milestone! The Two Drifters Distillery is located in Exeter, Devon (Tom and I know it well!) and produces smooth, beautiful tasting spiced, white, and golden rum. We admire their desire to make their sustainable product affordable; allowing consumers to be able to drive the difference to climate change.

  1. Wastebased

Wastebased are the king and queen of sustainable packaging as their compostable mailer packages force us all to think about our wider impact of our packaging and how we receive everything. Their mission is committed to reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible before offsetting 200% of the remaining carbon emissions. We love that “you are, always have been, and always will be, a carbon negative company” – hopefully there is a collab round the corner to post some Bazoo goodies in! 

  1. Tenzing

They are the world’s first carbon negative energy drink AND the world’s first soft drink to be climate pledge friendly – inspiring stuff! Their products are also infinitely recyclable. Tenzing take pride in their sustainability transparency and we could not respect them more for displaying their products’ carbon footprints loud and proud.

  1. No Nasties

With a website that shouts about 100% certified organic cotton, 100% fairtrade certified factories and 100% PETA approved Vegan why wouldn’t you want to buy their clothes! No Nasties clothing range has something for everyone, in gorgeous colours and styles at affordable prices. Not to mention they are the first carbon negative brand in India – what an insane achievement!

  1. Devon Rum

Devon Rum specialise in crafted and bottled Rum in Devon. Their bottles are beautifully designed with patterns that echo the waves of the ocean and honeycomb for there special spiced honey rum! They are proud to be a Carbon Negative producer, and we love their zero plastic and 100% recyclable packaging attitude.

  1. Neighbourhood Botanicals

Hallelujah for a carbon negative skin care and beauty range! Not only are Neighbourhood Botanicals completely vegan and cruelty-free, but they are purchasing their carbon credits in their factory country’s of origin; helping local employment, sustainability projects abroad and educational programmes. We can’t get enough of their “factory seconds” range selling quality products at a discount due to defective packaging…despite the economic lack of sense! Less waste – yes please.

  1. Off Blak

Tea-time! Off Blak are the first certified carbon negative tea company and we are here for it. Their colourful packaging and the cutest tea cups to go with them are enough to have us drinking tea all day, every day! Who knew we needed a subscription tea plan before now? They are first on our list to stock in some Bazoo offices!

  1. Sheep inc

Sheep Inc is a carbon negative clothing company that allocates their customers a real-life sheep when they purchase a sweater; reminding their consumers where their purchase journey began, and what made it possible – a sheep. Who knew carbon negative clothing could be so beautiful and we even learnt something new about zero-waste knitting. FYI we completely agree… “sustainable doesn’t cut it. Neither does carbon-neutrality”!

Our favourite thing about these carbon negative companies is that all these amazing people who wanted to make a difference did by no means immediately start on the most sustainable path or as carbon negative.

They all began their journeys when they saw their footprint and impact, which they then used to educate themselves and better their products and brands. We know Bazoo will also improve and grow, as we better ourselves and our company on our constantly evolving journey.

All of you big and small…THANK YOU FOR BEING THE CHANGE.

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