• Small UK Startup

    Sanmarie & Tom setup Bazoo in 2021

  • Every Order Promise

    We protect 100m2 of endangered habitat for each order

  • Zero Plastic

    No single-use plastic anywhere in sight

  • 100% Tree Free

    Regular toilet paper cuts down over 1 million trees a day

  • 95% of the lands where Tigers once lived are gone due to human activity, with less than 4,500 left in the wild.

  • African Elephant populations have shrunk by 98% since 1500 as a result of human-wildlife conflict, poaching and increasing temperatures.

  • The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying parrot, under extreme threat from poaching & habitat loss, deforestation at the pinnacle.

  • 3 out of 5 species of rhino are critically endangered. Alongside poaching increasing temperatures mean scarce food resources & increased health risks.

  • British grey seals are protected in Britain from commercial fishing, yet rising water temperatures mean changes to their diet, habitat and breeding.

  • Hammerhead sharks are the most threatened sharks due to commercial fishing and increasing water temperatures mean their food sources on reefs are decreasing rapidly.

  • Illegal and unsustainable logging in protected areas kill approximately 2,000-3,000 Orangutans every year, for timber, palm oil and mining. (And some of that timber turns into toilet paper!).

  • Plastic pollution, climate change and coastal developments threaten Sea Turtles who suffer loss and degradation of their nesting & foraging habitats.

  • Bees are critical to the natural world, but extreme weather, deforestation & harmful pesticides are killing their populations and habitats quickly.

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  • 100% TREE FREE

    Regular toilet paper cuts down over 1 million trees every day.


    Every time you buy Bazoo we protect 100m2 of endangered habitat.