• Small UK Startup

    Sanmarie & Tom setup Bazoo in 2021

  • Every Order Promise

    We protect 100m2 of endangered habitat for each order

  • Zero Plastic

    No single-use plastic anywhere in sight

  • 100% Tree Free

    Regular toilet paper cuts down over 1 million trees a day


We’re cutting down 1,000,000 trees every day for regular toilet paper

Can you believe it? Regular toilet paper you buy accounts for 15% of global deforestation. That’s a lot of waste for something you use once then flush down the loo…and we’re not about to start re-using it! Bamboo provides the perfect sustainable alternative; maturing in 3-5 years compared to 40-60 years for regular hardwood trees. Not to mention requiring less water & no fertiliser/other chemicals whilst growing.

  • 95% of the lands where Tigers once lived are gone due to human activity, with less than 4,500 left in the wild.

  • African Elephant populations have shrunk by 98% since 1500 as a result of human-wildlife conflict, poaching and increasing temperatures.

  • The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying parrot, under extreme threat from poaching & habitat loss, deforestation at the pinnacle.

  • 3 out of 5 species of rhino are critically endangered. Alongside poaching increasing temperatures mean scarce food resources & increased health risks.

  • British grey seals are protected in Britain from commercial fishing, yet rising water temperatures mean changes to their diet, habitat and breeding.

  • Hammerhead sharks are the most threatened sharks due to commercial fishing and increasing water temperatures mean their food sources on reefs are decreasing rapidly.

  • Illegal and unsustainable logging in protected areas kill approximately 2,000-3,000 Orangutans every year, for timber, palm oil and mining. (And some of that timber turns into toilet paper!).

  • Plastic pollution, climate change and coastal developments threaten Sea Turtles who suffer loss and degradation of their nesting & foraging habitats.

  • Bees are critical to the natural world, but extreme weather, deforestation & harmful pesticides are killing their populations and habitats quickly.


We protect 100m2 of endangered habitat for every order

We have partnered up with Rainforest Trust UK, so that every time you order Bazoo we protect 100m2 of endangered habitat. Their work helps preserve land & oceanic eco-systems of animals affected by deforestation & climate change. So far we have saved over 1,500,000m2.

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  • 100% TREE FREE

    Regular toilet paper cuts down over 1 million trees every day.


    Every time you buy Bazoo we protect 100m2 of endangered habitat.