The Founders

Tom & Sanmarie met at University in 2017 and always knew they wanted to start a business with impact.

After graduating in 2020 (amidst pandemic lockdown), with all that spare time stuck in doors they came across the fact that 1 million trees are cut down for regular toilet paper every day and were shocked. Driven to act, they dived deep into the details of toilet paper and in November 2020 officially started Bazoo!

How Did It Start?

Bazoo started as a part time job for both Sanmarie and Tom. Sanmarie was working full time in legal admin in London and Tom was helping construct marquees in Worcester. We made our first sale of toilet paper in July 2021 (to our parents and siblings of course) and dove full time into Bazoo in January 2022.

The Journey

The journey so far has been full of ups and downs, whilst Bazoo navigated a post-pandemic world, but we’ve loved it. Bazoo is almost 2 years old and the small team have learnt more than they ever thought they would. It has definitely been an experience that Sanmarie and Tom won’t walk out of the same.

Bazoo owe everything to their loyal consumer base who have taken the future into their own hands. Tom and Sanmarie started Bazoo for the Planet, but continue to love doing it for their customers. Everyone is capable of making a difference.

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