m2 of endangered habitat protected

Every Order Makes A Difference

We have partnered up with Rainforest Trust UK so that every time you make an order we protect 100m2 of endangered eco-systems that range from right here on British coastlines to all around the world. We want to protect the natural world for our children and what better way to do this than by allowing you to make a difference with order. “When we speak about the species we protect to our customers, everyone’s eyes always light up! They always start listing their favourite animals to us; it’s great” - Tom.

Why Bamboo?

Did you know that 1 million trees are cut down every single day for regular toilet paper? That’s right - regular toilet paper you buy off the supermarket shelf is using trees & a lot of them! That’s why bamboo, which is a super fast growing plant that can be harvested up to 12 times quicker than regular trees, is the perfect solution. Therefore using less space for more yield, as well as requiring 30% less water, no irrigation chemicals & being naturally antibacterial!

None of the above could be achieved without you, so as always from the bottom of our hearts - thank you