We are proud to be the world’s first and only carbon negative toilet paper. This simply means that we take out more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than we put in!

Why did we become CO2 negative?

Well why not! We knew we wanted to have a sustainable business, and we weren’t entirely sure in the beginning what that looked like. But the more we researched carbon emissions and the logistics of calculating our emissions, we knew we had to go the extra step of outweighing our emissions. It’s amazing because it actually means that every time someone buys Bazoo, they are actually taking carbon out of the atmosphere!

How did we accomplish and obtain our certificate?

It had its challenges and involved lots of scientific calculations…! But with lots of help from ClimateCare, we managed to calculate our total emissions released at every step of the journey (from growing the bamboo to the moment it’s delivered to your door)! We then simply tallied this total up, and then offset these emissions to achieve carbon neutrality, before offsetting more emissions on top of that – making us carbon negative.

Why is it so important to be CO2 negative?

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas produced everyday by humans and their activities. It is emitted when making the clothes we wear, travelling for work or leisure and even used to put the food we buy in the supermarket. It’s produced every day, all the time, and is at record-breaking highs. High levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases prevent the earth’s heat escaping and increases the amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere. This is causing the atmosphere’s temperature to increase at an alarming rate and is one of the causes of climate change.

Shout-out to our fellow carbon negative companies!