Engage and enlarge a climate conscious community through education about humankind’s impact on the planet and how we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint.


Inspire consumers to shift consumption patterns towards sustainable options. Bazoo learnt from brands who started their own green movements and we plan to continue to role model these eco-behaviours into our actions.


Prioritise our environmental impact throughout the entire product’s lifetime and consider employee welfare a top priority.

Why Bazoo?

With 27,000 trees being cut down a day for regular toilet paper, we had to look into alternatives, and bamboo toilet paper was top of the list! After researching the market, we were encouraged to go one step further than the other sustainable toilet paper brands already out there. That’s where the idea was born to become the world’s first and only carbon negative toilet paper! What better way to wipe away the problem, than our toilet paper removing more CO2 than it emits!

We know the toughest part is going to be persuading people to try something new, and explain to them that using bamboo grass instead of trees still means soft and luxurious 3-ply. But we're up for the challenge and eager to join the environmental movement that is encouraging more and more of the climate conscious - so we thought why wait any longer?

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