Our Sustainable Partners

Thank you to all the following businesses who have made the switch to Bazoo bamboo toilet paper, and are continuing to make small yet very impactful changes. Here’s to many more businesses making the switch!

Apogee Associates are the sustainable R&D tax credit specialists. With over 10 years of experience in the R&D tax credit sector, Apogee’s team of experts have compiled over 500 applications - all of which have been processed in full by HRMC without receiving a query, highlighting our uncompromising focus on quality. In addition to providing their clients with the best recovery, they ensure each application compiled has a positive impact on the planet, by planting 100 trees per application through the Ecologi community, and donating 5% of their profits to the protection of rainforests and guarding against deforestation through One Tribe.

IgOrtho is a professional and committed Orthodontist currently based in Dorking, Surrey with over 35 years experience in Specialist Orthodontics. Ian specialises in Orthodontic braces and Invisalign; having given many talks about his work and research at conferences and standing out for his unmatched patient wellbeing. Ian realises the importance of looking after the environment and has made a first and big step by switching his Orthodontic practice over to bamboo toilet paper. Ian was our first partner in the medical industry and we hope to expand into other medical fields in the near future!

Real English Drinks Group is a range of companies encompassing drinks, hospitality and events. With a wealth of experience, true expertise and a professional yet passionate approach, they offer an end-to-end contract drinks solution, making spirits and soft drinks to suit a client’s needs. They can take a product from concept to execution, including services such as brand identity, flavouring, packaging, bottling, marketing and fulfilment. They add quality and deliver authenticity to every product that rolls off our line. Alongside the Distillery sits their Drinks House and Events businesses, bringing warm hospitality and lively, exciting festivals to the local area.

Carers Direct is the UK’s leading platform that creates a web-based introduction service, whereby people seeking care can confidently identify and approach skilled and compassionate care assistants, while bringing benefits to both. Carers Direct swiftly learns about satisfying clients’ care needs and about how the good carers strive to deliver exceptional standards of care while juggling families and a busy lifestyle. They understand and empathise with the frustrations from both sides of providing care – a client’s need for care offering good value for money and a carer’s need to earn a sustainable income that fits in with their lifestyle.

Student Essentials is a platform where students can gain access to all of their essential needs when at university. It was started by a medical student at King's College London, who when working as a part time receptionist was overwhelmed by the number of students asking where they can find bedding, kitchen items and other essentials. Student Essentials focuses on delivering University Starter Packs to students and places Bazoo rolls in their bathroom essentials packs. They have successfully delivered bedding, kitchen packs and bathroom accessories to thousands of students across accommodations and universities in the UK. They maintain an eco-conscious mission and understand the importance of saving the planet where possible and necessary.