Response to Which?

Statement in response to Which? Article released March 19th 2024

We know that our customers choose Bazoo because it’s tree-free, 100% bamboo toilet paper that’s better for the planet.
That is our commitment to them and why we come to work every day.
We have recently been made aware that there was a contamination in what we claimed and fully believed to be 100% bamboo in our products, that did in fact contain wood pulp.
Bazoo and our entire supply chain is vigorously audited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the leading supply chain certifier in our market, so we were incredibly disappointed to know that any of our rolls had been contaminated at source. We are in extensive communications with FSC to understand clearly where this error occurred. 
We truly are committed to delivering on our promise of 100% bamboo rolls and have taken every step in our power to understand the root of the problem and ensure we’re fully protected from any future contamination.
This means stricter quality control measures, more frequent testing, and doing right by our customers that have received contaminated products.
Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us and choosing real sustainable products that protect our planet and its wildlife.
As a UK start-up trying to make a difference we knew there would be bumps along the way, but we truly value your support and together hope we can make just a bit of difference to the future of our rainforests.

We have invited Which? to join us in verifying our solution to this mistake, and how we can work better with governing bodies like the FSC, SCS and ASI going forward. We are still waiting for SCS and ASI to get back to us. 

Tom and Sanmarie,

**Below is attached for our customers reference, our annual audit logs with FSC and certificates & badges for Bazoo products that we have been issued by FSC; certifying our product as 100% bamboo. We are waiting for FSC and SCS (the certification body) to send us more documents from their side. To confirm, we take full responsibility but also need to see governing bodies that we trusted to provide us with 100% sustainable and certified bamboo answer for errors in supply chains that have passed their audits.  


- Certified Logos

FSC membership registration in 2020

May 2022 FSC audit

June 2023 FSC audit