Why the animals?

Why the animals?

Why the Animals?

Orangutans of Borneo, Rhinos of the African Sahara, Hammerhead Sharks of the Mediterranean, Grey Seals of the British coasts, Hyacinth Macaws of Brazil and Tigers of Asia. These six protected species are at the forefront of Bazoo for their unique beauty, but also extreme vulnerability.

So why did we choose these six out of the hundreds of thousands of species? To be honest, Orangutans are my sister’s favourite animal, and the Rhino is included due to my family’s South African heritage knowing we had to include at least one member of the majestic big five (accompanied by Tom’s favourite colour baby pink!). We also wanted to include a big cat in the range and Tom suggested tigers; it’s turned out to be his favourite wrapper by far! Then for our two oceanic animals we wanted something more unique so chose a shark with an awesome shaped head and the British Grey Seals for something closer to our British customers’ hearts. Finally, we knew we were lacking a bird to represent the skies, and instantly fell in love with the colour of the Hyacinth Macaw and its majestic flight through South America.

We thought what better way to capture the apex of nature and our environment, than on our wrappers through the beautiful creatures living in the most beautiful colours. Everyone who’s part of the Bazoo team recognise animals as the masters of the eco-systems and keeping life’s balance in check; they fertilise the earth, pollinate the lands, teach us about harmony, balance and so much more. Without them, critical eco-systems will fail and stop bringing life to everything around us. Above all, we realise that if we fail to drastically reduce our carbon emissions now, it’s not just our futures that are at stake, but all the animals across all the kingdoms. More importantly, we are the only ones who can do something about it. We’ve got to take responsibility for ourselves, and be their voice.

Bazoo wants to remind the human race about the incredible relationships we have with animals, both those known and unknown. Over centuries, humans have developed intimate relationships with various species, who have changed, saved and cured their lives.

Here are our three favourite species with known relationships with mankind:

  • The Honeyguide bird species, found in certain parts of Africa, have an intimate bond with people who forage for honey. The foragers communicate with the bird who show them where the best beehives are in return for leftover beeswax and honey. Amazing!
  • Beavers help to combat climate change; all their gnawing and damming help reduce the damage of flooding and wildfires, whilst also preserving fish populations and freshwater reservoirs.
  • In the recent documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’ we saw how a female octopus invited a human into her world and allowed him to be a part of her daily activities; completely letting him share her perspective of the world. Craig Foster confesses how the octopus cured his depression and gave him a new lease of life.

We have many more endangered animals coming along on our wrappers to represent Bazoo ­- so if you have any ideas about what our next animals should be, as well as a fun fact and information about how the carbon emissions we produce are impacting their existence – we would love to hear from you. DM or tag us with your idea @we_are_bazoo!

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