Why Should You Use Bamboo Toilet Paper

Why Should You Use Bamboo Toilet Paper

There are many social and environmental benefits to using bamboo toilet paper, as well as personal benefits for you and your bottom! Below we discuss why people choose to use bamboo toilet paper, which can come in lots of different ranges for you to pick from.

1.The toilet paper is strong but luxuriously soft

Bamboo is a strong plant made from long, strong fibres. This makes it ideal for toilet paper as the fibres firmly hold the toilet paper together, allowing it to be gripped and manoeuvred without falling apart (or goodness forbid…allowing a finger to poke through!).

Meanwhile, due to the natural qualities of these bamboo fibres, they are soft and the quality of bamboo toilet paper can actually be softer than toilet paper made from regular trees. Bamboo toilet paper is usually made from 3-ply or 4-ply paper and the perfect mix of strong but soft.

2. No chemicals, inks or dyes

Bamboo plants are naturally self-generating and therefore don’t need any harmful chemicals to stimulate growth or fertiliser. There are also no harmful chemicals such as inks or dyes used in the manufacturing processes of bamboo toilet paper due to the already great natural qualities present in the bamboo pulp.

Some bamboo toilet paper brands even go one step further, and when bleaching the bamboo pulp white they use totally chlorine-free bleach which is made from 100% natural biodegradable animal products (as seen here), in comparison to the majority of regular toilet paper brands who use chlorine bleach to get the white colour.

3. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Another reason to choose bamboo toilet paper is that its natural qualities just keep on giving! The plant has hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities by nature. This means that, when bamboo is used for products such as toilet paper, it is perfect for facial use when blowing noses or when used in the bathroom too! It is ideal for sensitive skin and will not irritate your skin like other toilet papers which use regular trees or other chemicals. It will also act as a deterrent for bacteria to grow.

4. Zero-plastic packaging, and 100% recyclable

Most bamboo toilet paper brands out there are consciously trying to be more sustainable, and therefore you can expect (although you still need to check!) their packaging to be made from 100% recycled materials which can also be fully recycled again after use, and also that these have zero-plastic in them.

Many bamboo toilet paper brands pride themselves on having a zero-plastic policy, meaning that it is not used in their manufacturing processes either, and they innovatively have sought other ways to package their products; like using paper tape to seal the boxes instead of Sellotape which contains plastic!

Brands such as Bazoo even use soy ink made naturally from soya beans for printing on their cardboard boxes, meaning no extra harmful chemicals that are normally used in inks or printing!

5. Bamboo grows far more sustainably than regular hardwood trees

Finally and most importantly, the bamboo plant has many advantages as to why it grows more sustainably when compared to hardwood trees used for regular toilet paper. Bamboo requires 30% less water to grow, no irrigation, it is extremely weather durable and the bamboo plant itself releases 35% more oxygen and absorbs 65% more carbon dioxide than regular trees.

Above all, due to bamboo growing 30 times faster than regular hardwood trees, it is harvested much more effectively and efficiently with the harvested land being able to turnover healthy grown bamboo much more quickly than regular trees. You can visually see the advantages of bamboo in more detail here.


As detailed above, there are countless reasons why you should use bamboo toilet paper, for the purposes of both the planet and your bottom. Get shopping and make the switch today!

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