Why Is Bamboo A Sustainable Material?

Why Is Bamboo A Sustainable Material?

You might have heard that bamboo is a better option for the environment, but why is bamboo sustainable? We run you through some of the things that make this material one to look out for as an environmentally-friendly option for your household products.

1. It is a grass so no trees are used

With typical products made from wood or paper, such as toilet roll, trees will have been chopped down to create them. Deforestation is happening on a large scale around the world, and the depletion of our trees will only cause damage to the natural world and accelerate global warming because trees store carbon.

2. It is self-generating and fast growing

Another reason bamboo is sustainable is because of the speed it grows! While a regular hardwood tree can take 30-60 years to grow, even when new trees are planted to compensate for those cut down, there is a major delay in any positive impact. Regular toilet paper production, for example, leads to the cutting down of 27,000 trees a day!

On the other hand, a bamboo plant can grow and be ready to be harvested in 3-5 years, which is a much quicker and therefore more sustainable process.

Bamboo is also self-generating which means that, after being harvested, it will begin to replenish and regenerate on its own without fertiliser or pesticides. Six months after the bamboo is first harvested, it will regrow and begin maturing.

3. It produces less carbon emissions than wood-based products

While it is known that trees are important for absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere, bamboo actually absorbs 30% more CO2 than regular hardwood trees, another reason it is a sustainable material. It also releases 35% more oxygen than regular hardwood trees.

4. Less land and water are required to grow bamboo

Growing materials for use in our everyday lives can be an intensive process that requires a lot of land and water, especially when producing wood or paper. Bamboo, however, requires less land to grow because it is self-generating and uses the land in a more sustainable way. Using it for toilet paper production could reduce the deforestation currently caused by the production of regular toilet paper.

5. No chemicals or pesticides are required to grow bamboo

One final reason why bamboo is sustainable is because no fertiliser, pesticides or other chemicals are required to grow it - it does just fine on its own! This is not only better for the planet, but also better for our bodies.


Now that you know that bamboo is a sustainable material, you might want to learn how you can get more of it in your life on a daily basis when choosing household essentials. Well, we can tell you that our bamboo toilet paper is a fantastic way to make the switch.

It’s made from 100% FSC certified sustainable bamboo with zero plastic packaging and 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We also donate 10% of our profits to rebuilding habitats, and protecting species in rainforests and oceans across the world.

You can check out our bamboo toilet paper to get started, and if you want to see the lifetime of a bamboo shoot look at our behind the bamboo diagram!

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