Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is a Better Alternative

We take a look at some of the reasons why we believe bamboo toilet paper is a much better alternative to regular toilet paper.  

10 Reasons why Bamboo toilet paper is a better alternative to regular toilet paper

You may have heard people discuss the benefits of various types of toilet paper, both for you and for the planet. We take a look at some of the reasons why bamboo toilet paper is a much better alternative to regular toilet paper.

  1. Bamboo is a completely self-generating grass that uses no pesticides or fertiliser

After being harvested, bamboo will begin to replenish and generate on its own. It does not require fertiliser or pesticides like many hardwood trees in order to mature successfully.

  1. Bamboo uses 30% less water and requires no irrigation

Many hardwood trees used to make regular toilet paper require a lot more water than bamboo, which is applied through irrigation; an artificial process applying controlled amounts of water to the land to assist growth. Irrigation involves extra energy and resources. 

  1. Bamboo can thrive in the harshest weather conditions

Bamboo plants are extremely resilient in adverse weather conditions, and can survive in all conditions; extreme heat, excess water and freezing winters.

  1. In specific locations in South West China it grows naturally in abundance!

The species (neosincalamus affinis) is not the same kind of bamboo that Panda’s eat, meaning they don’t go hungry and still have plenty of their natural resources.

  1. Bamboo is ready to harvest within 3-5 years

Bamboo grows at a much faster rate than normal hardwood trees which take about 30-60 years to fully mature, meaning bamboo can be harvested on a more frequent basis.

  1. Bamboo plants absorb more carbon and release more oxygen

Bamboo absorbs 30% more CO2 and releases 35% more O2 than regular hardwood trees to be exact.

  1. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic

This means it is great for sensitive skin and it is also naturally deodorising and anti-bacterial!

  1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth; growing x30 times faster than regular hardwood trees! Being able to grow 3ft in 24 hours in the perfect conditions

It grows 15 times faster than regular hardwood trees. In optimal conditions it is able to grow 3ft in 24 hours – wow!

  1. Bamboo toilet paper produces less carbon emissions

From harvest to production, bamboo statistically uses 65% less carbon emissions than regular toilet paper, and 30% less carbon emissions than recycled toilet paper.

  1. Bamboo has already re-grown and started maturing 6 months after harvest

Bamboo is extremely quick to replenish itself, grow and mature, compared to the land of hardwood trees which remains unusable and desolate for a much longer period after harvest.

The positives of bamboo toilet paper are endless and keep on giving! These are only some of the great qualities relevant to toilet paper! Head over to our “behind the bamboo” page to see a bamboo grass seed’s life cycle to harvest.