Is ‘bazoo’ a valid Scrabble word?

Many people often question whether ‘bazoo’ is a valid Scrabble word and if the word can get you points when it’s put on the board? Well, keep reading about the word bazoo to find out if it’s a real word and what exactly it means if it is real!

Is bazoo a Scrabble word?

According to Oxford Languages, the answer is YES! Bazoo is a real word and one that can be found in the Oxford Dictionary as a noun; the plural noun of which is ‘bazoos’. If you want to be really specific, when playing the game of Scrabble, the word bazoo will give you sixteen points – a big score for anyone on the board! Or if you’re playing Words With Friends, it will give you a whopping seventeen points!

Definition of ‘bazoo’

For those of you reading this (perhaps with some people arguing in the background) the definition of bazoo is a funny, yet controversial one as the noun actually carries two definitions: the name of a person’s mouth, or the name of a person’s bottom. Ironic we know!

It is said to be a late 19th-century word that has come from an unknown origin. So let the word bazoo be placed on the Scrabble board, the points scored and keep playing!

Why ‘bazoo’?

The definition of the word bazoo is also why the world’s first and only carbon-negative toilet paper decided to give itself this quirky yet unconventional name. Bazoo is a slang word for a person’s bottom; a great fit considering we were launching a sustainable bamboo toilet paper that is used for people’s bottoms, or we guess noses too!

Bazoo toilet paper is indeed made from 100% FSC certified bamboo pulp and currently comes in three different types: unbleached, totally chlorine-free bleached, and protected species wrapped range. Bazoo wanted to give consumers options when shopping sustainably, and allow them to make their own purchasing decisions, whilst all the while remaining sustainable. You can see all of our product ranges here.

The advantages of using bamboo for toilet paper are endless and the whole manufacturing process produces 65% less carbon emissions than regular toilet paper, and 30% less than recycled toilet paper. Bamboo is a super plant, which grows much more sustainably than regular trees, needing less water and no irrigation or fertiliser. Plus, it is self-generating.

A lot less energy and emissions are used in the growing of bamboo in comparison to trees. Bamboo is also extremely weather-resistant while growing and can grow up to 30 times faster than regular trees. It can be known to grow up to 3ft in one day! You can read more about the advantages of bamboo here.

The beauty of bamboo is that it is both strong and soft and by nature naturally hypoallergenic; so it’s perfect for everyone’s bazoos!

We can’t also ignore that bazoo phonetically sounds like a good alternative for the word bamboo!

So if you haven’t yet got some Bazoo for your bazoo – what are you waiting for?!

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