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4.8/5.0 | Based on 32,871+ Happy Customers

4.8/5.0 | Based on 32,871 reviews

Make The Sustainable Switch to Luxury Bamboo Toilet Paper

Clean Conscience. Clean Planet.

Double Length 3-ply, 370 sheets/roll

No harmful chemicals, chlorine, inks or dyes

Zero plastic, 100% septic tank safe

Money Back Guarantee

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We Know It’s Just Toilet Paper, but...

Winning The Hearts of Home Owners


We're cutting down 1,000,000 trees every day for regular toilet paper

Regular toilet paper accounts for 15% of global deforestation, meaning thousands of species lose their habitats and are put in danger every day. For something so trivial which we use once, then flush down the toilet...we thought there was a better alternative.


Every bazoo toilet roll uses 65% less emissions than a regular toilet roll

We discovered bamboo as the answer. Bamboo is a super-plant which uses land much more sustainably when it grows compared to hardwood trees (cut down for regular toilet paper). The much decreased land mass needed along with bamboo’s naturally soft qualities was a no brainer!

Luxury soft toilet paper that never runs out

Bazoo has got you covered.

19.8 meters long

190 Sheets Per Roll

37 meters long

370 Sheets Per Roll

31,872+ Happy Customers

100% Luxury Bamboo Toilet Paper

370 Sheets/Roll

Paraben & Bleach Free

Naturally Hypoallergenic